Most of us over the age of 35 can think back to our school days with good memories but there was always a little extra. By that I mean there was some bullying and hazing going on, but we were taught that it was just part of growing older and almost a rite of passage. But as we continue to see year after year if students or even adults in the workplace can get in serious trouble if that bullying and hazing continues. 

The reason I want to bring this up now is because there WFAA recently did a story about 6 upperclassmen soccer players at Bridgeport High School in Texas that were all arrested after hazing the underclassmen. And these student athletes are facing serious trouble as some of the student athletes held the underclassmen against their will as other pulled down their pants and underwear. These guys thought it would be a funny joke, now they have all been arrested. 

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Don’t Make a Stupid Mistake That Costs You Big Time 

Whether you’re in high school and you get arrested or as an adult you do this at work and lose your job, it’s just not worth it. Put any ideas you have of hazing others out of your mind, if you take action just remember there are serious consequences. 

Remember the Golden Rule 

It seems so simple, because it is, just remember to treat people like you would want to be treated.  

Most people don’t need a reminder to be a good person, but if you do, consider this your warning. 

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