Looking for a remix on your favorite cowboy hat? Tired of ample shade for your ears and neck?

Then you might be just the person to jump on this trend of turning your cowboy hat into a baseball hat.

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Texans Are Turning Their Cowboy Hats Into Baseball Hats

The boys of summer are back and hitting on the field. If you are going to see the Rangers or Astros play, and you follow this trend, you could be the coolest guy at the baseball park.


As with most trends, they are here to disrupt and cause a reaction. If you saw someone wearing this, you would be instantly taken aback, and that is the point.

A video from cant_chill_chris of him making this cowboy cap is blowing up in a big way on TikTok. It would pair well with some Crocs cowboy boots to complete the look.

The result looks a bit like a Legionnaire hat with a cowboy crown. It also resembles a forage cap or a kepi. Those all have telescope crowns, so this cowboy ball cap is still very unique since it has that cowboy crease.


Get Creative And Make Your Cowboy Hat Unique

If you have found that no cowboy hat expresses your unique Texas style, this could be the one. I would recommend finding a cheap straw hat to start and getting a pair of sharp Fiskers scissors or using a Dremel.

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Just remember the cowboy promise and don't let anyone else wear or try on your hat.

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10 Rules For Wearing a Cowboy Hat In Texas

If you are trying to become a cowboy hat person, here is a great place to start.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

Imagine Yourself Living in this Giant Texas Cowboy Hat

This Cowboy Hat house was another vision of artist and builder Dan Phillips, after building a giant Cowboy Boot hat he built the Cowboy Hat to go along with the boot. This house is currently under contract and is a private home.

The home was listed by Theresa Frazier/Heart of Texas Real Estate & MGMT. Co./HAR.com, but is currently not on the market.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford




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