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  • Another Carnival popped up behind Lufkin Mall
  • They will be there until Saturday, May 27, 2023
  • Lufkin Mall recently under new ownership

It seems like there was a carnival at Lufkin Mall just a few weekends ago.  Evan's United Shows Carnival was there at the end of March 2023.

I drove by this morning and there were rides once again in the back parking lot of the mall. This is not Evan's United, and all the rides fit in the back lot.

There is a Sizzler, Tilt-A-Whirl, Ferris Wheel, Zero Gravity, and more. The armband prices are a bit higher than last time.

How Much Are Armbands At Ther Lufkin Mall Carnival?  

Armbands are $32. When the other carnival was there it was $25 per session. You might not understand why the price is a little higher without going yourself.

With this carnival perhaps all of the rides on the lot are included. Sometimes there are rides that you have to pay separately for, and since they are saying all of the rides on their Facebook post, it's led me to believe you can ride the Ferris Wheel with the armbands.

Just my thoughts on why the prices might be a little higher. Everything costs more so the prices have to go up. You can go to the ticket kiosk for more pricing options.

What Are The Hours Of The Carnival At Lufkin Mall? 

They will be open every day until they leave until Saturday night. I'm assuming they will pack up Sunday and head off to their next stop.

They are open on weeknights starting at 5 PM and on Saturday at 3 PM. Rides, games, and food are all in one place. You can stop by and get your funnel cake fix all this week.

Evans United Shows Carnival

Big rides going up means big fun is coming to town once again.

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