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  • Satanic Panic was big in Lufkin in the 80's bringing more rumors than truth.
  • Just being out in the woods after dark is scary enough.
  • There are haunted spots all over the Lufkin area.

The best scary stories are rooted in just enough truth to get you hooked. From classic haunted houses to cemeteries, Lufkin has it all.

Sadly a couple of our most well-known haunted houses have disappeared. The Old Bonner Mansion fell into such disrepair that it was torn down a decade or more ago.

Over the summer of 2022, the Peavy House near Lufkin burned to the ground. Scorching almost 55K feet around the structure and presumably the ghosts within.

There Are Still Haunted Places In Lufkin 

Just coming to Lufkin would be scary for some people used to the urban sprawl. Even in town, you are just a few steps away from a wooded area in which your imagination could run wild about what is lurking inside.

Once you have entered the town through the Pine Curtain, you never know what you will find. There has been everything from Chupacabra sightings to haunted bridges over the years.

We even have our own team of paranormal investigators taking the time to investigate and research your haunting. Chad Hughes, founder of The Lufkin Paranormal Investigators, has been active off and on for years.

Satanic Panic In Lufkin Was A Huge Thing

Back in the 80's everything that wasn't mainstream was from the devil. Lufkin has a church on every corner, and that movement swept the town like wildfire.

It brought with it rumors that were never proven, but some locals still believe them over 40 years later. See if you remember any of these haunted spots in the Lufkin area.

Urban Legends And Haunted Spots In Lufkin

Lufkin has a long history as a place where urban legends go to hide. Haunted spaces are behind every pine tree.

This Actual Haunted House Is For Sale In Baird, Texas

Ever wonder what it is like to have your very own haunted house? For just $125,000 you can find out.







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