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  • Sully's Auto Sales
  • Entire property for sale
  • 901 S Timberland Drive

There are 9 acres right on the corner of Tulane and S Timberland in Lufkin that just went up for sale. That is the location of Sully's Auto Sales.

I drive past there every day on the way to work, and I noticed the other day that they had cleared out many of the vehicles. Turns out it was because they were listing the entire place for sale.

They might have just moved them all to the huge lot behind the building for some photos. I can only assume that they are still selling cars until the last one is gone or until the land sales.

Their website still lists a few pre-loved gems for sale.

Land At 901 S Timberland For Sale In Lufkin

This location is right next to what used to be the Greater Lufkin Ford dealership, now the Lufkin ISD bus barn. It is a large 9-acre lot and a prime piece of real estate.

It was listed for sale on June 21, 2023 for 1.2 million dollars. Though it's a car lot now, people have already thought about what they would rather be there.

For some reason, many people in town want an Aldi. I went to one in Humble and I wasn't that impressed with the selection, but the prices were low. Aldi reminds me of the old Save-A-Lot that used to be where the China Hibachi Buffet is now.

This plot of land is big enough for an Aldi's as they usually go in old Walgreens or CVS-sized buildings. You never know; I guess we will just have to wait and see who buys it and what they plan to do with it.

Car Lot Up For Sale In Lufkin, Texas

I never knew that this property was so large.

Lap Of Luxury For Under A Million In East Texas

There is so much land, a shop, and a huge house for a lot less than a million dollars. See this homestead in Mt.Enterprise, Texas.





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