Baby animals are always at the top of the cuteness scale. The Ellen Trout Zoo has something to celebrate with the recent addition of a new juvenile giraffe.

Meet Luna, a 10-month-old Masai Giraffe, from the Phoenix Zoo. Though she was not born at Ellen Trout Zoo, they have quickly embraced her as one of their own.

As weather permits, you can see Luna now in the giraffe habitat in the African exhibit at the Lufkin zoo. You will see her testing the limits, exploring her new surroundings, and hanging out with her new friends, Kellen and Twiga, the other two Masai Giraffes already in the enclosure.

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10 Month Old Masai Giraffe Luna Comes To Ellen Trout Zoo In Lufkin, Texas

Though she is less than a year old, Luna already tips the scales at 600 lbs. That seems large, but to put it into perspective Kellen weighs in at a trim 2,760 lbs.

It's obvious that Luna still has plenty of growing to do and many milestones to come at the Ellen Trout Zoo. The staff has spent several weeks helping Luna adjust to her new home.

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It's much more humid here than in Phoenix, Arizona where she was born. They have been closely monitoring her due to her age, species, and the fact that she's still new to the enclosure.

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Though the staff at the Phoenix Zoo may miss Luna, we are so proud to have her here in Deep East Texas. Plan a trip to see her at the zoo and consider giving the unique gift of a zoo membership this holiday season.

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