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Every year around Valentine's Day local zoos across the country engage in fundraising by naming an animal's meal after an ex. You could even name a tasty cockroach after an unsavory boss, giving you a little catharsis.

I understand that there are people that don't get those warm fuzzy feelings around Valentine's Day. That kind of negative take on the holiday of love in a town with the slogan "You'll Love Lufkin!" would never do.

The Ellen Trout Zoo is putting a positive spin on a new Valentine's Day tradition. Instead of naming a meal for someone you dislike, name a zoo snack after someone you love.

Support The Ellen Trout Zoo For Valentine's Day

Don't run out to the corner store at the last minute and buy your loved one a diet-killing piece of chocolate or another piece of clutter for the house. Give them a laugh by naming a cricket, mealworm, or rodent after them.

Supporting them in this unique way not only helps the zoo, but could also be a fond memory for years to come. The strangeness of this gift makes for some interesting conversations when people get asked what they got for Valentine's Day.

You can choose between a mealworm, cricket, or rodent to name after your favorite person. Then on Valentine's Day the zoo will email a certificate to the person of your choice, including details on what you named the treat, what animal received the treat, and who purchased it for them.

Prices -

  • Mealworm $5
  • Cricket $15
  • Rodent $25

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