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  • When the Texas Driver Responsibility Program ended in 2019 some drivers were still unable to drive in Texas.
  • The OmniBase "Failure to Pay / Failure To Appear Program" has been targeted for repeal by the Texas Center For Justice & Equity.
  • Chapter 706 of the Texas Transportation Code requires Texas cities and counties to report information on violators.

You might remember back in the early 2000s having a points system on your license. Not only were you paying a ticket, you also racked up points against your license that led to yearly fees.

According to the Texas Tribune, the program ran for 16 years and was finally done away with by Gov. Greg Abbot on Sept. 1, 2019. Over 600,000 Texans had their fees waived that day, and the program was shuttered, or so we thought.

There is still an accountability system for drivers who get tickets, then fail to pay or fail to appear in court. The OmniBase program places a hold on the person's driver's license, and it all starts with a letter in the mail.

Paying All Your Fees Gets Your Licence Back In Texas 

Not having a driver's license in a small town with limited infrastructure for public transportation in Texas could lead to further fines if you choose to drive without a license. Though this system is better and less oppressive than the old system, it is still a cycle that could end someone in jail due to unpaid traffic tickets.

It could take up to two years to go through the process of getting your license back. If you get a ticket, no matter your financial situation, always show up in court and hope they will work with you.

There has to be some accountability when you get tickets.

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