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  • What if everyone drove what they wanted?
  • Every road trip would be like a car show.
  • Buckle up for a wild ride in your favorite car.

When you think of vehicles in Texas, your mind automatically goes to trucks. What would those trucks look like if money was no object and everyone had them decked out just the way they wanted?

This is something I have been thinking about off and on for years. If everyone could truly express their individuality through vehicles and money was no object, what would it look like out on our Texas roads?

Similar to video games where you have an array of vehicles to choose from, but in real life. What choices would people make and most importantly, what models would come out on top?

What Is the Most Googled Vehicle In Texas? 

As Texans, we all have very different ideas of what makes the perfect vehicle. If you go by boring sales stats we should all be driving a Toyota Camry or a Ford F-150.

Where Texans really go to dream is online. When they go to search a dream luxury vehicle most of them picked an Audi R8 according to Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. This is very strange to me because I have seen very few on the roads.

I am more likely to see a Porsche 911 than an Audi R8 on our highways, but a Texan's heart wants what it wants. The rest of the nation agrees with us as 94% of all luxury car model searches were for the Audi R8.

Some exceptions include California, which wanted a Tesla Model S. The Porsche 911 is number one in Hawaii, and North Dakota gives a nod to the Ford Mustang.

I'm not saying this data is flawed, but something just doesn't add up here. What do you think the most popular car in Texas would be if the sky was the limit? Let us know, and tap the app to chat.

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