Carly Pearce's new song "We Don't Fight Anymore" will be lauded for its vocal power, but the songwriting is what gives her Chris Stapleton collaboration life.

She's found the space between obvious and often-used themes of love and hate, right and wrong. With "We Don't Fight Anymore" (rate the song below), Pearce, Shane McAnally and Pete Good put a thumb on the muted struggle of a couple grinding through the days. The bluegrass-tinged ballad defines a boring union on life support with neither half of the marriage up to the task doing something about it. It's a deft observation that only a trio of true pros could turn in.

Malaise is, after all, far more popular than the rabid love or tormented hatred so popular in country songwriting. We live in that space between, and rarely need to (or get to) visit the far edges of human emotion. Another song that did similar was "Remind Me," Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's duet from 2011.

A Pearce/Stapleton duet seems made for Vocal Event awards at upcoming country music ceremonies, but Song of the Year feels like a better fit. There's chemistry between them, but the long shadow of their skillset covers it. Still, "We Don't Fight Anymore" signals promise for Pearce's post-29 era of music-making.

Did You Know?: Pearce grew up in Taylor Mill, Ky., which is just 82 miles north on I-75 from Stapleton's hometown of Lexington.

Listen to Carly Pearce (Feat. Chris Stapleton), "We Don't Fight Anymore":

Carly Pearce (Feat. Chris Stapleton), "We Don't Fight Anymore" Lyrics:

I couldn’t make you jealous if I tried / You couldn’t care less if I stayed out all night / I don’t even look into your eyes / ‘Cause the truth is I don’t even care if you’re lying / In this bed we / Might as well be / Across the ocean tonight.

We don’t yell because what the hell difference would it make / We don’t cuss and we don’t care enough to even hate / We could tear up the house / We could burn the whole thing down but boy what for / Cause we don’t even fight anymore.

The only time we ever touch is in the hall / We talk about the weather if we talk at all / If your phone rings in the middle of the night / I don’t even try to look to see who’s calling / I had a bad day but / You don’t know it / ‘Cause you don’t ask and / I don’t show it.

Repeat chorus

I wish you would say something / Say anything / You wish I would say something / Say anything / But we never say nothin’ / No we never say nothin’.

Repeat Chorus

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