Walker Hayes' 9-year-old daughter Loxley — aka Lolly — slept "through her way-too-expensive birthday gift" — but it's a whole lot more adorable than it sounds.

In fact, the experience was so unforgettable that Hayes wrote a song about it, and the father-daughter duo performed it on social media on Monday (June 19).

In the tender moment, Hayes and Lolly strum guitar and mandolin, respectively, as they sing together about a recent birthday gift that Hayes and his wife Laney gave their daughter.

"Two Taylor Swift concert ticket stubs / Cost me more than my mortgage does / And that was before T-shirts, Cokes and popcorn," Hayes sings at the beginning of the clip.

Apparently, he and Lolly were two of the fans who attended a recent show on Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, and though he paid a hefty price of admission, Hayes' song goes on to explain why the memory itself was priceless.

"Watching her watch her hero / Singing every single word to every song," Hayes goes on to sing, before Lolly started to get tired — and she fell asleep in her dad's arms, right there in the middle of Swift's set.

"Who am I that I get to hold a real life princess / While she sleeps through her way-too-expensive birthday gift? / I just hope that she grows up and always knows that / Me, her mom and Jesus love her even more than she loves / Taylor Swift," he sings in the chorus, turning aside to compliment Lolly's mandolin skills.

Hayes has a long history of involving his kids in his music. Most recently, Lolly joined him during a Red Rocks show to sing his tender fatherhood ballad, "If Father Time Had a Daughter."

Of course, Hayes' other children have gotten in on the fun, too: The singer's OG dance partner is his oldest daughter Lela, who helped him make the "Fancy Like" dance that went viral on TikTok and took his country music superstardom to a whole new level back in 2021.

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