You probably don't remember the captain's message or the flight attendants' safety instructions from your most recent commercial airline flight

It's safe to say American Airlines passengers will be listening more carefully thanks to a now viral video that allegedly contains audio of a pilot's rather detailed rant prior to takeoff.

"Be nice to each other, be respectful to each other. I shouldn't have to say that," a man can be heard saying in the short video shared as a Reel on Instagram.

Anna Leah Maltezos posted the video last week with the text "American Airlines captain has had it with y'all."

The man can be heard in the video going on about everything from who should use the armrests when someone is in the middle seat to why it's wrong to listen to videos with the volume up when not wearing headphones.

He covers a lot of ground as passengers can be seen still filing into the plane and storing their luggage.

Maltezos was identified as a "New York-based comedian" in a write-up on the video published on

You be the judge if the video is a cleverly done comedy bit or footage of an airline captain who maybe needs to sit the next one out.

If the video is legit, the captain might have good reason for being fed up.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported a sharp increase in unruly airline passengers in recent years despite the Federal Aviation Administration's "zero tolerance" policy.

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