A homeowner in Utah has been told to move his "risqué" Halloween display or risk having it removed by the city.

Why The Halloween Display Needed To Be Moved

According to Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, Grantsville resident Christopher Fujishin decorated his yard with several skeletons for Halloween.

One of the skeletons was made to look like a poie dancer who was attached to a city street sign. Two others are sitting in chairs watching the skeleton's performance.

"Maybe a little risqué for some people, but it's all in the name of fun," Fujishin told the TV station.

Outside of the neighbor trying to cut down the pole dancing skeleton, Fujishin said he had received no complaints about the display.

Then, the city of Grantsville took to social media to deliver a message regarding the display: Move it or have it removed for you.

The official reason for the request was the skeleton was attached to the street.

Fujishin complied by moving the display, but he also stepped up the presentation adding additional lights to make it standout during all hours of the day.

How The Halloween Display Divided The Community

The Halloween display has been polarizing to residents of Grantsville, a town of around 13,000 people about 35 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

"Figures. However, I'm sure the kids will be asking questions," one commenter wrote on Fox 13's Facebook post for the story. "Can you imagine trying to explain this to a 5 yr [sic] old? 'Son, that's her parents and they are cheering her on at climbing stop signs.'"

The TV station's report went on to say that some in the community have stopped by the display to leave dollar bills for the skeleton dancer.

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