This may have been the second video ever uploaded to YouTube: "Me at the Zoo," then "Friends in Low Places-Koe Wetzel." The rest is history. Yeah, that's incorrect. But this vide is old -- that's what I'm getting at.

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Koe Wetzel graduated from Pittsburg High School in East Texas, and if you check out those decade-old YouTube comments, it looks as if these PHS Pirates knew they had something special growing up in their quiet little town.

He's hard to recognize, the video is grainy, and there aren't any tattoos or eff bombs -- but it's definitely Koe. You may even remember, Koe told us about this, singing Garth Brooks at a high school talent show, during one of his Radio Texas, LIVE! visits.

Speaking of Garth, how's Koe's country album coming along? Well he just wrapped up a few weeks in the studio and before he went to Tornillo, TX to record we sat down and here's what he told me:

"The main focus is the country record, obviously, but you know how I am," Koe says chuckling. "It's comin', I don't if it'll be the next record but it's coming."

His latest album Hell Paso which was released in September '22 surprised many fans, from the project's edginess to dark themes. Some have even expressed concern for the country-rocker. But Koe assured me that he's okay. "Man I just wanted to reach out to anybody going through stuff like that, you know, and help them out and hopefully it helps them get through another day."

We're looking to see what Koe's got cooking for us next.

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