Jake Owen is known for his lush head of dark hair. He's one of the best coiffed dudes in country music and music in general, as his throng of female fans well know. But Owen has changed things up and is sporting a "new" hairstyle.

The singer posted a snapshot of his normally flowing, shaggy locks pulled into tight cornrows. He's in the islands so it makes sense to keep his hair off his face and out of his eyes when having fun in the sun.

But we're not used to seeing him like this! Of course, we won't complain, since we get to see more of his face. He still looks handsome and he's rocking some five o'clock shadow, too.

He captioned the shot: "Bahama Cornrows... Gangsta."

If you can tear yourself away from Owen's piercing eyes for a second, check out that ocean view behind him. That's paradise!

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