Finally, 10 minutes of pure bliss in 2018. Jake Owen's "I Was Jack (You Were Diane) follows a couple from their budding love in the early eighties, to watching that budding love shatter when hit by the realities of growing up, to when they are once again faced with another decision on their journey ten years later.

Like we said, pure bliss.

The mini-movie features actors Mackenzie Porter and Jake Etheridge, and also includes cameos from Owen, who ends the video with a sweet note to John Mellencamp. Mellencammp, of course, brought the original song "Jack and Diane" to the top of the charts back in 1982.

"Thanks for building the highway we’ve been riding on and providing the soundtrack to the lives of so many small town kids like me," writes Owen in a note that runs just before the credits.

You Think You Know Jake Owen, Though?

The country star reached out to Mellencamp once already, before he even began work on the song. "It's just common courtesy to reach out to the original writers and composers of that song, John Mellencamp being that guy. We felt it was pretty necessary to reach out to him and get his blessing on it," the country singer revealed in a recent interview. "So it was pretty fulfilling to know that he said, 'Yeah, I like that. You guys run with it.' So we did, and with his blessing, I think that makes this that much sweeter."

The end of the "I Was Jack" video is a cliffhanger, leaving us to wonder what happens to this couple who so many will relate to. And it's a perfect backdrop to a song that already has made quite the impression on country music fans.

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