Since Jana Kramer released 'Whiskey,' the second single off of her self-titled debut country album, the forlorn love song has been tearing up the country charts. Now Kramer has released a video that helps tell the story behind this fan-favorite tune.

If you've heard 'Whiskey,' you know that it doesn't tell a love story with a happy ending. Just like you would expect, the video is able to capture Kramer's pain as she sings from the perspective of a girl who fell for a guy who likes his brown liquor just a little too much.

The video kicks off with Kramer laying on a couch. If you've ever been through a bad breakup, this will be a familiar scene to you: her hair is messy, she's curled up under a blanket and it looks like she hasn't gotten a lot of sleep lately. As she sings the first few frames of the song, she starts to daydream about the series of events that brought her to where she is now.

In her flashback, Kramer finds herself at a bonfire party where she first meets a guy that she probably should have stayed away from. Shortly after they lock eyes, someone behind him says something that doesn't go over well. Kramer's new love interest turns around and knocks the other guy down, pouncing on top of him and pummeling him in the face until a few other partygoers pull him off.

After the fight, Kramer cuddles up with this bad boy by the fire, sharing a few pulls from his bottle of whiskey. They go back to her trailer together where they share a hot and heavy night.

But unfortunately, it gets cut short when a cop breaks in the door and cuffs Kramer's new boyfriend. He gets hauled away in a police car (probably for assaulting someone else) while she looks on, heartbroken.

In the end, Kramer is just left with memories of one final tumultuous night with her love. Just like the 'Whiskey' song lyrics say, she should have known better.

Luckily, Kramer's real-life love life doesn't compare to 'Whiskey' at all. After trying to stay tight-lipped about her relationship with Brantley Gilbert for a while, the country songstress finally admitted that they are living together.

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