How talented is Lufkin's Dave Fenley?  He could sing the theme from 'The Banana Splits' and make it sound good. In case you're not old enough to remember the show, or perhaps you do remember and you have chosen to block it out, just click're welcome.

Fenley has definitely received his deserved share of worldwide recognition after wowing judges on America's Got Talent and The Voice. He's even been so kind as to do a few songs for us here at the KICKS 105 Studios.

It has been a while since we've heard a new release from him.  Given the current situation of the world, that's quite understandable.  So, I was thrilled when Sean Ericson sent me a message that included a new music video of Dave's latest song.

Remember 'Grandpa' by The Judds?  The song won a Grammy back in 1986, and Wynonna and Naomi did a beautiful rendition of one of the best songs ever written (Jamie O'Hara - songwriter).  But, Dave Fenley...dang!

The song has a great message for a longing for simpler times and yes, those are Fenley's parents and wife in the video. Take a listen and look at the video above and you'll see and hear why we believe that no one can match Dave's soul, passion, and talent.

We'll definitely be playing this one on the radio!

(Dave - if you record The Banana Splits theme, I can't promise airplay on that one)

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