Cole Swindell's debut album has produced four number one songs and he won the New Artist of the Year Award at the 2015 ACMs.  Yes, the past 2 years have been phenomenal for Swindell...but, there is something missing, or should I say, someone. 

Swindell's dad passed away unexpectedly just months before the release of his debut album.  So, with all the successes there have also been the sadness and emptiness of not have his dad around to share it.

Swindell's new single is 'You Should Be Here' and it opens with the actual phone call from Cole to his dad bragging about signing a new record deal.  Then, later in the video, Swindell's first visit to his father's grave since the funeral is documented and incorporated into the song.

The song and video are beyond moving and Swindell should easily have another number one song on his hands.

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