Jerrod Niemann is perhaps best known for his drinking songs, but the singer-songwriter is becoming one of country music's biggest romantics with his new song, "God Made a Woman."

Niemann's wife Morgan stars alongside him in the video for his latest single, and he admits that although he did not write "God Made a Woman," he had her in mind when he heard it and decided to cut it.

The singer has scored his biggest successes with fun party tunes like "Drink to That All Night," but as he tells Taste of Country, he's been including songs to his wife on his albums for years.

"There's a song called 'I'm All About You' that was on the Free the Music album, along with a song called 'Only God Could Love You More,'" he shares by way of example.

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The couple was going through a hard time at that time prior to marrying, and Morgan had actually moved overseas. They were able to work things out, and they wed in October of 2014. The couple renewed their vows in Vegas in April.

"'Only God Could Love You More' was about that very thing — sometimes you might drive each other crazy, sometimes you don't get along, but at the end of the day there's no one that's gonna love you more than me besides God," he says.

"God Made a Woman" is quite different than anything he's ever released stylistically.

"It’s all about challenging yourself," Niemann says. "In this world of branding, everybody wants everything to be exactly the same all the time, and that sucks because once you’ve already done something, you’ve done something. For me, having the same conversation twice just does not inspire me… If I’m truly inspired and truly challenge myself, it’s so much more fun to put it out into the world and see what happens."

In fact, Niemann's to-be-announced upcoming album delves more into that kind of material. He says the project has “more songs from the heart and less songs from the liver.”

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