The late Joey Feek's musical legacy continues to live on with the debut of a new-to-us music video for the previously unreleased song "Red." The track appears on late Joey + Rory singer's solo debut album, If Not for You, which was recorded in 2005 and released posthumously after her death in 2016.

Feek honors the blue-collar lifestyle in the upbeat track and accompanying video that opens with footage of her as a child singing Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors." Riding around in a red pickup truck with her dog in the back, Feek spends the duration of the "Red" video dancing and singing along with friends at an outdoor barbecue, tending to the animals on the farm and simply enjoying the country life.

"If Haggard sings your favorite song / And you learned the difference between right and wrong / With the hickory switch out behind the shed / You're red," Feek sings about backwoods life. The clip was shared by her husband, Rory.

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Feek's solo album, If Not for You, was released in April of 2017 by the Gaither Music Group and includes 12 songs recorded before she became a duo with Rory in 2008. The album features a song dedicated to her brother Justin titled "See You There," along with the original version of “That’s Important to Me,” a song re-recorded by the duo in 2010.

“No one knew her when she recorded these songs. I’m not sure people would have grasped them then like they will now,” Feek’s mother, June Martin, tells the Tennessean about the project. The album also serves as a special keepsake for fans, as it includes a 48-page insert featuring a variety of photos and tributes from Feek's family.

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