Keith Urban is very close to reaching an agreement to judge ‘American Idol’ next season. The country superstar admitted he had talked to producers about the vacant seat on the panel for 2013, but now the Hollywood Reporter is reporting he’s close to signing a $3 million to $4 million contract.

Rapper Nicki Minaj is also ready to sign a deal to join Mariah Carey, meaning the show would have three new judges next season. It’s not clear if Randy Jackson will return as a fourth judge, but sources say he will be included on ‘American Idol’ one way or another. Minaj’s contract is reported to be worth $8 million. Carey signed an $18 million contract earlier this summer.

Urban just finished working on the Austrailan version of ‘The Voice,’ but insisted his new album was his top priority at the time. “All I can say right now is that I’m trying to make an album and it’s strange how these opportunities all come in one big fell swoop,” he told an Austrailian radio station earlier this week.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Brad Paisley could not reach an agreement with the show’s producer. He was asking for money similar to what Minaj was offered and executives were hesitant to oblige. Toby Keith was another country artist name considered, but he says he turned the show’s offer down.

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