Our General Manager, Tami Jones, left in a hurry from the station this morning around 7:30, and we haven't seen her since.  This is a quick picture we snapped just before she left.  Some say she looks happy in the pic...a little too happy, I think....mixed in with some maniacal guilt.  It appears that Tami has abused her password access to our online price reduction format called Seize the Deal.  This features around 40 East Texas businesses with price reductions for their services.  However, sometime during the night, Ms Jones took it upon herself to drastically reduce the prices for many of these services, probably in an attempt to save herself extra money when making these purchases.

We were able to make some corrections to the Seize the Deal system, however, these will not take effect until Friday, so for the rest of the day, East Texas visitors to Seize the Deal will be able to take advantage of these extremely deep discounts. We're talking savings from 30% to 75% off of services for clothing, food, car accessories, spa and tanning, beauty treatments, entertainment, parties, and much more.

So, the silver lining here is that you can save even more money than usual throughout today.  As for Tami Jones, approach her with caution, she is considered dangerous with a mouse in hand.  Anyway, we'll be waiting for her return.  Her computer has been confiscated and all passwords have been deleted from her system.

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