Over the past decade, Buc-ee's has expanded its paw print into many states beyond its home in Texas. The beaver has made its presence known in states such as Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, and quite a few others outside the Lone Star State.

Photo Credit/Buc-ee's
Photo Credit/Buc-ee's

I find it a little odd that Buc-ee's has not opened up any locations in states that border Texas. Eight states outside of Texas have at least one Buc-ee's providing sparkling clean bathrooms to customers. New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana are not any of those eight.

Sorry, New Mexico

According to recent announcements and releases, it appears that states bordering Texas not named New Mexico may soon be getting their first Buc-ee's.

In April, it was revealed that Benton, Arkansas was on the Buc-ee's hit list. Louisiana is supposed to get two new stores with Ruston and Lafayette making the cut.

Most recently, the word is starting to spread that the beaver has its eyes set on Oklahoma for a new location. No details have been released on a location, but somewhere around the Oklahoma City Metro seems to be a popular bet.

Texas Still Holds the Title

On June 10, the ribbon was cut to ceremoniously open the doors of the biggest Buc-ee's on the planet. The store in Luling along Interstate 10 encompasses over 75,000 square feet.

There was a rumor that a new store planned for Ocala, Florida was going to take over the title of the world's biggest Buc-ee's, but it looks like that will no longer be the case. So, for the foreseeable future, that title should remain in Texas.

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