Every Thursday I'm going to start featuring videos from the Kicks 105 YouTube channel that our fans may have forgotten about.

It's nice to reminisce on the good old days, like when we slapped more than a handful of deli meats onto the Kicks 105 van to see what would fly off at high rates of speed.

We made this video late into 2014 after we had too much extra deli meats from trying the Arby's Meat Mountain. That's how you know it's a throwback video, because we still had an Arby's.

Well there you have it. Three grown men spending an afternoon feeding the dogs of Lufkin in a very ingenious way.

Go ahead and binge watch all our old videos if you want, or just look forward to me choosing one of my favorites each week. Whatever you do, be sure to actually visit the video on YouTube so we can get those likes and shares we so desperately crave.


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