American Idol contestant Laci Kaye Booth turned a rocking Cheap Trick classic tune into a stripped-down acoustic ballad version of the song for her Top 20 solo on the April 1 episode.

Booth—who has consistently delivered elegant and breezy performances this season—gave a rendition of the song that was the total opposite of the original recording, adding hints of country influence into an overall mellow interpretation.

By the end of her performance, all three judges were on their feet clapping. Judge Katy Perry immediately asked, "I mean, when were you gonna show us that you could do all that singing? You were gonna wait 'til Top 20?"

Perry also raved about Booth's increase in assurance. "You just showed us a whole 'nother level of confidence. I mean, you were, for sure, like, an A-plus in my books, but you are just, like, un-gradable at this point. It's really, really good."

Luke Bryan admitted he was a bit confused when he learned what song she was performing. "When I saw the song you were doing, I was like, 'Oh, my God, she's gonna come out here and do some kind of cheesy version of a fast song,'" he admitted.

"Then when you walked out and just hit that easy note, I was like, 'No, she ain't. She's fixin' to knock it out of the park!'"

Judge Lionel Richie agreed with the other judges' thoughts: "The talent now is ridiculous. Yeah. And when I say that, you are in that group. You have found your identity. That is who you are. And you are just giving us, every time, more confidence. I'm very proud of you," Richie smiled.

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