Lainey Wilson smolders during her debut single, "Dirty Looks." The provocative country ballad leaves one yearning for an eager pair of lips to kiss and kiss again.

"Dirty Looks" is a love story built around a clever play on words — she and her lover are getting dirty looks from strangers as they paw at one another in public, but she also wants this blue-collar man to know dirty looks good on him. The heat turns up progressively with each verse and chorus before climaxing at a chorus that finds Wilson flat-out begging to be taken home.

There's something disarming (the traditional country packaging perhaps?) about the singer's wanton requests. It's never stated but the story Wilson is telling doesn't feel like a one-night stand as much as two young and familiar lovers doing what young lovers are known for. The commercial appeal of "Dirty Looks" will depend on the extent to which that recalls memories from her listener's past.

Did You Know?: In high school, Wilson got work as a Hannah Montana impersonator.

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Lainey Wilson, "Dirty Looks" Lyrics:

I know it’s been a long day / You’ve been hauling that hay / You need a break from working in the sunshine / So you met me in here for a couple of beers / Just to wash away that overtime / Now you’re saying that you wish you would have cleaned up / But you know I don’t care about that / When you’re leaning in and kissing me / And can’t stop kissing you back.

Getting dirty looks from people at the bar / Getting dirty looks like don’t you know where you are / Getting dirty looks like everybody’s got something to tell us / But they ain’t nothing but jealous / Something ‘bout rough hands on a hard-working man / I just want to get all over you / Like the dirt on your shirt, and your jeans and your boots / If you ask me, dirty looks good on you boy / Good on you boy, good on you.

Everyone in the room is like y’all get a room / We can do what we want to let ‘em stare / Keep ‘em coming like nobody’s there baby / I don’t care.

Repeat Chorus

Now you’re saying that you wish you would have cleaned up / But I kinda like it better when you don’t / You’re leaning in and kissing me / Baby just take me home.

Repeat Chorus

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