Lauren Alaina pulled a former college football linebacker onstage as she sang "Next Boyfriend" at a tour stop in Illinois, and the 24-year-old was into it — waaaayyy into it.

It happened on Friday night (Dec. 7) during Alaina's opening set on Cole Swindell's Reason to Drink Tour in Moline, Ill. Bo Bower is the young man she plucked from the crowd, presumably at random. It's a stunt the "Ladies in the '90s" singer pulls frequently during the song from Road Less Traveled, but usually the guy is too shy or embarrassed to do much but stand there as she dances around him.

Not Bower — he took it to the next level and then some. Did he really just stick his butt out so Alaina could freak him? He's kind of a Busch beer drinking ham, and the crowd loves it! Alaina is shocked by his (ahem) enthusiasm at first, but soon catches up — you're not going to out-ham Lauren Alaina, no ma'am.

Taste of Country reader Tracy Dekoter shared video she took at the concert and identified the man on stage as a recent University of Iowa football player. We learned that Bower was a stud as a Hawkeye, even drawing attention from the NFL in early 2018. He's a sociology major and four-year honor roll member, if you know someone ladies who are looking.

As for Alaina, she closes the Reason to Drink Tour with Swindell on Dec. 14 in Louisiana. She's also nominated for two Taste of Country Fan Choice Awards: Most Jaw-Dropping Performance of 2018 and #Relationship Goals Couple of 2018 with her boyfriend Alex Hopkins (sorry Bo, she's off limits).

See Pics of Lauren Alaina With Her Real Boyfriend, Alex Hopkins:

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