On Wednesday, 18 members of the Leadership Tomorrow class paid a visit to the Merrell in the Morning Show.  This has become a welcome tradition over the past 'something' years here at the KICKS studios.  

Leadership Tomorrow was developed for high school juniors and is hosted by the Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce.  Students in the program have the opportunity to learn about Angelina County firsthand, to explore opportunities that exist for their futures in this area, and to give back to the community through volunteer service.  This year marks the 25th Leadership Tomorrow class.

Whenever Leadership Tomorrow visits the Merrell in the Morning Show, we give all the students to go live on the air to introduce themselves.  We also include several of them on morning show features such as contesting and weather.  In the video above, you'll get to meet the students and learn a little bit more about them.  In some cases, perhaps a little more than you wanted to know...(hint - missing tooth).

This year's Leadership Tomorrow Class includes:

  • Kimberlin Arnold - Lufkin
  • Emily Bowman - Hudson
  • Hannah Campbell - Huntington
  • Morgan Chandler - Diboll
  • Nolan Craft - Hudson
  • Clayton Gesford - Lufkin
  • Julia Glass - Hudson
  • Zariah Hadnot - Lufkin
  • Haley Henry - Hudson
  • Jack Hester - Lufkin
  • Kendall Jackson - Lufkin
  • Cason Jenkins - Hudson
  • Seth Jordan - Lufkin
  • Cade Lankford - Hudson
  • Emily LaRoe - Home School
  • Mackenzie Lillard - Hudson
  • Elizabeth Matthews - Central
  • Krishna Patel - Diboll
  • Mary Beth Ratcliff - Hudson
  • Kyle Tierney - Lufkin
  • Caleb Wafer - Huntington
  • Tyler Webb - Diboll
  • Erin Willis - Huntington
  • Sarah Withem - Lufkin
  • Kyle Wynne - Lufkin



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