A few weeks ago, Lee Brice and his pals at Pepsi descended on the small town of Milligan, Neb. to raise hype for the 2014 Super Bowl halftime. Brice helped the town enjoy quite a late night party, but why Milligan of all places?

The location was chosen since it's the midway point in America. It's also a tiny farming community with less than 300 residents. It's about as small town America as it gets and that's what makes it special.

In this footage from the lead-up to the Brice promotional gig, a resident puts it simply, saying that there is nothing going on in Milligan ...

... until Pepsi and Lee Brice came to town.

Vending machines were placed all over town, dispensing free cans of Pepsi with invitations to a concert printed on them. It was cold and snowy, but a marching band and Brice, who hobnobbed with Milliganers beforehand in anonymous fashion, brought musical heat to Milligan.

The locals filled the streets as the sun went down on Jan. 4, with Pepsis in hand. Brice took the stage and got the people of Milligan psyched like only he could. Around 5,000 people from neighboring towns spilled into the streets to take in the concert and fireworks display.

For one night, Milligan, Neb. was the center of Lee Brice's universe.

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