Maybe you;ve heard about Lindsay Ell's guitar skills. Maybe you’ve even seen her massage her Fender's fret board on stage. This compilation of solos captured during the Taste of Country RISERS video shoot proves she's as capable of expressing herself with her hands as she is her voice.

Actually, this video just kind of shows that Ell is a rockstar. Women with guitar skills are rare in country music. f you search for female guitarists on YouTube, you’ll find video after video of young girls shredding heavy metal riffs, but few that showcase a true artist soulfully playing on pain and sorrow without singing a word. The “Criminal” singer is a confident, vulnerable and patient player who understands that even though hers is an instrument that often screams masculinity, there are ways to spotlight the feminine nuances.

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Ell jokes that she’s lost several boyfriends to her love of guitar playing. She even has names for the dozens of instruments she keeps. Since high school she’s been a dedicated musician, rushing through classes early to accelerate her career. By deep-diving into a commercial country music career she has sacrificed opportunities to flex that muscle publicly. Think about it: how many solos do you hear on the radio? When was the last time you saw anyone other than Keith Urban or Brad Paisley show off for longer than 30 seconds?

Given time and space, Ell is capable. The “Champagne” singer soloed during several performances inside the ToC studio, so we clipped them together to give fans and enthusiasts a different perspective. We’re hoping it inspires more women to shred, because girls with guitars kind of rock!

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