The other day, someone asked me if I had read and article from Journey Magazine about a local Lufkin man building a giant creation out of Lego bricks. I hadn't and being a fan of the Lego toys myself, I was intrigued and went to look it up myself. What I wasn't expecting was a design quite that detailed and awesome as what he built. I can't even remember the last time I sat down to construct something with the little multi-colored bricks, but I know it wasn't anywhere near as impressive as what this guy built.

Corry Lankford built a seven foot tall, three foot wide space station out of the toy bricks. The spine itself has more than 2,500 pieces. It's got four remote-controlled engines, a working elevator complete with lights, eight living quarters for the little Lego characters (each living space has a bed, a sink, a shelf and a computer), 16 docking rings for Lego ships, and 30 LED lights and light boxes to power them.

He entered his space station in the Brick Fiesta, which is Texas' very own Lego convention. There, it won the judges' choice - Bright Idea Award - and the public's choice - Best of Star Wars.

So yeah, it's pretty impressive. To see the whole article, you can check out the digital Journey Magazine here.

Who, besides Corry, has enough Lego bricks to create something this massive? Have you or your kids created something this in-depth with them? Just snap some pictures of your Lego creations and pop 'em in the comment section below. We'd love to see how creative our listeners are.

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