There's an old saying that goes 'Confession is good for the soul'.  Well, a Longview woman may have had the right intent, but not the correct state of mind. 

Wednesday evening, Sarah Porier, 50, was arrested and transported to jail for public intoxication after disrupting the services at the Timberland Drive Church of Christ in Lufkin.According to the official incident report, Porier entered the church and told the congregation that she wanted to attend the service. However, she began to laugh and talk loudly during the service.

Two off duty officers were in the congregation at the time and asked the woman to leave.  The officers also contacted Lufkin Police.  Corporal Strickland responded for the LPD and upon interviewing Porier, he noticed the smell of alcohol.  The woman's eyes were glossy and she was unsteady on her feet.  Poreir told the officer that she had consumed some wine.

It was determined through field testing that the woman was indeed intoxicated and was subsequently arrested.

It was also noted that while being transported to the Angelina County Jail, Porier would yell and scream profanities as if she was yelling at subjects on the street, however, Corporal Strickland did not see the subjects that she was screaming at.

Porier was booked into the Angelina County Jail without further incident.



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