Lufkin Police are reporting the arrest of Bryan Albro, 38.  He was charged with public intoxication following a report of a burglary of a motor vehicle in progress at 711 McHale Street on Monday afternoon around 3:45 p.m.

When the officer arrived on scene, the victim described the suspect as a black male wearing a dark-colored shirt and camo shorts. The officer found the suspect, later identified as Albro, walking down the road nearby.

The officer made contact with Albro and the suspect immediately asked him “Did I kill somebody?” The officer told him no and explained that a woman reported he had burglarized her car. Albro then asked the officer “Is this real life?”

When the officer asked Albro if he had anything on him, he said he might have some PCP. Albro then told the officer he was "high as (expletive)." He attempted to walk away, but the officer detained him for Albro’s own safety while waiting for dispatch to check him for warrants.

While inside the officer's unit, Albro began exhibiting erratic, paranoid behavior. He also began sweating and giving off the distinctive odor of someone intoxicated on PCP.

Albro was placed under arrest for public intoxication. He also had three warrants for public intoxication. The whole way to jail, Albro repeated "Don't do drugs kids. This will happen."

A warrant will be filed on him for burglary of a vehicle.

On a personal note, I pray that Mr. Albro will open his heart to God and turn his life around.  We are all God's children.

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