Casper the friendly ghost is back on the big screen downtown Saturday at 7 pm.

I remember when this movie was in theaters. It was cast with a young Christina Ricci, and Bill Pullman as the main characters. Pullman plays a afterlife therapist Dr.James Harvey, and Ricci his daughter, Kat. 22 years ago the special effects were just good enough to give us a live action version of this classic children's cartoon.

TSM LUFKIN/James Stillwell
TSM LUFKIN/James Stillwell

To be honest I would go just to be inside the iconic Pines Theater. When they show a now Halloween Classic for the kids, it's a slam dunk. So come check out the flick days before we get ready to trick-or-treat. Best part is the price, it's all general seating and it's just $5 to get in. So load up your little bone bags and come check out Casper the friendly ghost, and his not so friendly friends.


Pines Theater
113 S. First Street
Lufkin, Texas 75902

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