According to today's (2/19) City of Lufkin 2 p.m. Water Supply Update, Oncor was able to restore power to another of the city's wells so now they are a total of six operational wells. A city crew is still working to diagnose a mechanical issue at one of their wells, while Oncor is still working to restore power to the other two.  Crews are working diligently to ultimately get all nine wells online.


Throughout the day, officials have heard that more and more residents are seeing the return of their water supply. Some are seeing a trickle, while others are seeing about a quarter of their usual water pressure.  It may not be the full pressure you are used to yet, but it is progress.

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City officials continue to ask everyone to do their part and check for water leaks around their homes and businesses throughout the day. If you find a leak and can’t turn the water off yourself, contact the call center at 936-633-0357.

Those of you who do have water, please remember that the BOIL WATER NOTICE REMAINS IN EFFECT!

Water is still being handed out at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center.

To get water, you MUST line up northbound on Angelina Street. We have First Street and Second Street blocked with all traffic diverted up Angelina Street. Citizens can drive through and pick up two cases of water per vehicle at no cost. If you have already picked up water from an earlier drive, then please do not come back for more today. Let someone else have an opportunity. The supply of the water being handed out should probably last until about 4 p.m.


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