The other day, I hinted at the fact that I was going to be giving you Valentine's Getaway ideas that were within driving distance. Now that we are EXACTLY ONE WEEK AWAY from V-Day, it's time to kick this list off.

So, we're going to start with San Antonio.

Anyone that knows me knows that San Antonio is my favorite large city, and definitely one of my absolute favorite getaways anytime of the year. And that's why it's number one on my list.

I recommend getting a hotel on, or at least close to, the River Walk. From that point, you don't even have to drive around the city, because there's so much to do in that area. You can get a romantic dinner from any one of the many restaurants on the river. You can get take a trip down the river via boat, and spend the time with your valentine. You can even

Or, if you're not exactly the romantic type, you can enjoy the other attractions like the Alamo, the museums, the shopping etc.

And that's just downtown. If you like, there's stuff all over the city of San Antonio for an awesome Valentine's Getaway (sorry, the Spurs won't be playing between February 12th and the 22nd, so you guys won't be able to attend a V-Day basketball game).

There you have it. The first of Mark's Valentine Getaway Ideas. Be sure to check back in as we add to the list. Don't forget, Valentine's Day is one week away, so be ready!

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