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Here's something that should make shooting enthusiasts and job hunters happy: A huge ammunition company is dropping an enormous chunk of money down to put a pretty sizable manufacturing facility in East Texas!  That means more jobs and more plentiful ammo!

bullets 9mm closeup
Sascha Burkard

According to Thomas Net, a former ammunition plant used by Uncle Sam will be retooled and updated so that it can serve as the new primer plant for Expansion Ammunition.  Reportedly, the company is laying out $100 million to transform the old Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant in Hooks, Texas into a state-of-the-art facility.

David De Lossy

The plant will focus on manufacturing the "primers" necessary for today's modern cartridges.  The primer is the part that ignites the powder inside of the cartridge, that in turn propels the bullet down the barrel and towards the target.  It's an essential part of every centerfire cartridge, and this new plant plans to churn them out by the millions.  The company reportedly chose the former ammo plant not only because it was built with ammo manufacturing in mind, but because it was built to be able to withstand small explosions in the case of an accident.

Bullet and Target in the shooting club

The plant will reportedly hire somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 employees and is expected to open this year.

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