🐶City ordinances put a limit on how many cats/dogs you can keep in Lufkin & Nacogdoches

🐶A multi-pet permit in Nacogdoches is available for qualifying households

🐶There are a few exceptions to these legal limits

Did you know that the cities of Nacogdoches and Lufkin have legal limits on the number of cats and dogs you can keep at your household?

Actually, that's not out of the ordinary. Many cities in Texas have quite a few local ordinances dealing with pets, animals, and livestock. But, l never knew that there was something officially on the books limiting how many fur-babies you could keep at your place.


According to City of Nacogdoches ordinance Section 6-34, no person shall keep or harbor more than FIVE dogs or five cats or any combination of five dogs and cats in their household. If you do have more than the legal limit of dogs/cats, you can apply for a multi-pet permit with the City.

This permit is allowed as long as you meet certain guidelines such as having adequate space at your home for the number of pets that you keep. You'll also need to make sure that you keep their living spaces clean and safe, plus your pets can't be a noise nuisance to neighbors. Also, all those pets over the age of four months must be altered.

A maximum of one litter of puppies or kittens less than four months of age may be excluded from the count.


According to the City of Lufkin ordinance 2.07.061, it is unlawful for any household to keep more than SIX dogs or cats in any combination, upon private premises within the city limits.

Just like Nacogdoches, there are exceptions for licensed places such as veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and shelters, kennels; pet shops, and others. A pet owner whose pet has a litter up to 16 weeks old also gets a pass.

The Lufkin ordinance does go on to state that dogs and/or cats that are on premises which are maintained in a sanitary manner that is not a public health nuisance, no noise nuisance, or a danger to the animals or the public could be used as a defense to bypass this ordinance.

Low on the Priority List

I wouldn't think that tracking down offenders to these ordinances are high on our local law enforcement's priority list. As long as you're providing a good home for your numerous pets, you shouldn't be in danger of anyone 'hounding' you.

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