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America Recycles Day
I Love to Write Day
National Bundt (Pan) Day
National Philanthropy Day

Pike’s Peak or Bust Day - On this day in 1806, Lt. Zebulon Montgomery Pike sighted a mountain peak that now bears his name.  Its name was changed to honor the young army lieutenant. Zebulon Pike was leading a survey party into the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase .

 Celebrity Birthdays

1919 - Joseph A. Wapner (94) - judge, actor: The People’s Court

1928 - C.W. McCall (85)(William Fries) - singer, songwriter: Convoy, Old Home, Filler-up, Keep on Truckin’ Cafe, Wolf Creek Pass, Classified, There Won’t be No Country Music, Roses for Mama

1929 - Edward Asner (84) - Emmy Award-winning actor: The Mary Tyler Moore Show [1970-71, 1971-72, 1974-75], Rich Man, Poor Man [2/1/76], Roots-Part One [1/23/77], Lou Grant [1977-78, 1979-80]; Thunder Alley,Hearts Afire, Change of Habit, The Doomsday Flight, Fort Apache The Bronx, JFK, They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!; president of Screen Actor’s Guild

1940 - Sam Waterston (73) - actor: The Killing Fields, Law & Order, Friendly Fire, I’ll Fly Away, The Great Gatsby, Serial Mom

1957 - Kevin Eubanks (56) - musician: guitar: bandleader: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; composer: film scores: Rebound: The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault, Psalms from the Underground, The Dinner, The Week that Girl Died

1970 - Singer-songwriter (43) born in Houston. After more than 10 years on the Texas red-dirt circuit, he nets hits beginning in 2006 with "Wherever You Are," "Love You" and "Barefoot And Crazy"

1983 - Singer-songwriter Blake Meyers (30) from the band Rosehill.

Tabloid News

150 Years Later, A Newspaper That Called The Gettysburg Address 'Silly" Issues Retraction

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One-hundred and fifty years after Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, the Patriot-News of central Pennsylvania, known back then as the Patriot & Union, is retreating from its stance in 1863 that Abe’s Civil War speech was “silly.”  President Abraham Lincoln’s speech delivered Nov. 19, 1863, in Gettysburg, the Patriot & Union stated “We pass over the silly remarks of the president, for the credit of the nation, we are willing that the veil of oblivion shall be dropped over them and that they shall be no more repeated or thought of.”  So as the address’s 150th anniversary approached, Deputy Opinion Editor Matt Zencey headed down to the State Library of Pennsylvania at Harrisburg, where he examined microfilm of the infamous editorial. The story was not only the subject of Thursday’s retraction, but a2,200-word article detailing the history surrounding the editorial.  Now that the 1863 editorial has been cleared up, would today’s Patriot-News editorial board endorse Lincoln if he was running for president in modern times?  “We’d have to have him in for an interview,” Micek said, laughing. “I’m kidding. I’m sure we would.”

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