First we got rid of the landline, and now it looks like home internet service might be the next thing to go.  Here's why more people are bailing on the internet subscriptions at home.  

Because we have the internet on our phones.

And there's internet service at the office of course, so we can always get online there if we need to poke around on screens that are bigger than hand-held.

The truth is, the internet seems to be floating around everywhere. We can connect to Wi-Fi at coffee shops and airports, on college campuses, at hotels and gyms, and even the grocery store.  So maybe we don't need it at home. That's the attitude of a growing number of people, and they're saving money each month because of it.

If you're like me, and you have kids who want to play on or watch PAW Patrol videos on, the internet at home is a must!   A laptop keeps those little phone-stealers from running off and watching all those videos from Mama's phone underneath hanging clothes in the closet.  Could you imagine the data suck if we didn't have internet service at home? There's that.

The Census Bureau says 75 percent of people still have the internet at home, but that's down from 82 percent three years ago.   The Washington Post says some companies have more of an advertising push in favor of the mobile web too, so it could be a sign of things to come.

Oh, we'll never part with it completely.  What would we complain to customer service about?

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