Malcolm Rector Technical High School (MRTHS) students learned a lesson or two about venomous snakes in Nacogdoches on Monday, May 9th. 

According to a N.I.S.D. press release, Captain Ray Cole with Nacogdoches Fire and Rescue presented a workshop for MRTHS students. Cole spoke on many misconceptions of snakes and whether one is venomous or not and how to determine the age of common snakes.

Students identified snakes in various pictures. A picture of a Copperhead in the forest posed slight difficulty for students to identify. Cole told students that Copperheads are a major threat to the county and region “due to its camouflage.”

Students were given the opportunity to hold and pass around a snake in the Colubridae family (nonvenomous). Preserved spiders were also passed across the room in containers.

The goal of the venomous snakes program is to educate and inform community members about the steps to take if a venomous snake is identified, what to do if bitten by a snake and tips on how to prevent a snake bite.

Regardless of how people feel about snakes, Cole said, “snakes are more afraid of us, than we are of them.”

NISD Contributed Photo
NISD Contributed Photo

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