The much anticipated new album from Reckless Kelly, "Long Night Moon" is finally available in stores today (September 3rd).  They also include something very interesting with the CD and vinyl versions of this new album: click "read more" to find out what it is from Willy Braun himself!

I'm kind of a Texas/Red Dirt music geek.  I'm also a HUGE Reckless Kelly fan, but I'll try to be as unbiased as possible with this album review.  RIGHT!  Forget that!  Do yourself a huge favor and get a copy of "Long Night Moon" as soon as you possibly can.  Reckless is in amazing form with this, their eighth studio album (they've dropped Yep Roc Records this time around formed their own label, called No Big Deal Records). The band is known for their explosive live shows, but also for having a passion for making albums with substance.  From the opening title track, "Long Night Moon" to the final track "Idaho," this album is full of authentic music.


That's part of the reason I love Reckless so much: they have amazing musicianship, vocals, harmonies, lyrical content, and more.  Cody Canada once told me that the reason they are so good is because "they are serious about their craft, and they work hard at it every single day".  I couldn't agree more.

There aren't too many bands on the planet that are anywhere as near as good as Reckless Kelly that haven't been picked up by some Nashville label, and there's a very good reason for that.  Willy Braun explains it well.  He says, "these are not songs by committee, intricately designed to please an increasingly fickle mass-audience, this is Red Dirt country, distinctly different from the polished, commercialized sounds coming out of Nashville."

That right there is the other reason I love Reckless Kelly so much.  They are who they are, and they don't ever want to be anyone else.  Take them or leave them.  Please decide to TAKE THEM though, it'll be the best decision you've ever made.

When you purchase the album you'll notice a little LED black light included inside the sleeve.  That is for you to see the "hidden code" on the album cover, and the insert inside.  The band will release clues about the "hidden code" on their social media sites, and on their website soon.  We're just as clueless about what the message will be, but it'll be exciting to see what it's all about.  If you figure out the "code" please comment below and share with the rest of us!  Pretty amazing!  Being cool is hard, but Reckless Kelly does it effortlessly.


Sean Ericson, and myself (Steve Rixx) had the chance to talk to Willy about the new album.  Please take a listen to it below, then get to the dang store!


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