Just how talented is singer/songwriter Dave Fenley of Lufkin, Texas?  When trying to come up with words that give justice to the man's singing ability I had to consult a thesaurus.

So, here are a few words that caught my eye.

Dave Fenley is:

Genuine, mind-blowing, awesome, mesmerizing, gripping, bold, intriguing, captivating and conjubilant.  Actually, I'm not sure what that last word means, but it's just fun to say.

One other word that immediately comes to mind when speaking of Dave's talents is versatility.  From beat-boxing to ballads, from rock to country to standards, Fenley is at home singing it all.  That ability is obviously recognized on a national scale given his success on both America's Got Talent and The Voice.

His latest single is called 'Welcome to the South.'  It's basically a playbook of how people from the South proudly live their lives.  I can't stop playing the song.

Fenley said that he wrote the song with two amazing women, Alex Kline, who just celebrated her first massive country number one for writing and producing Tenille Arts “Somebody Like That,” and fellow Texan Kellys Collins, who wrote the theme song for the TV show “Reba” and a ton of other great songs that have been recorded by amazing artists.

"We wanted to celebrate some of the things that make the south special…Family values, God-fearing Christians, hard working people, and folks who stand behind their word."

Fenley goes on to say that accompanying music video to the song was extremely fun to make.

"It took us actually 7 tries to get it all in one take. It had my mom and dad, my wife, my band leader, Brian Sutherland, and his infant daughter, Eleanor, and a bunch of actual strangers that we cast in the last minute because of some people who didn’t show up. Haha. I lost sleep for a week trying to envision how to pull it off and I couldn’t have been more proud of how it came out. There are lots of little things to catch in the video that you might not see the first time. For instance, can you count how many hats I wear in the video??"

I counted a total of 5 hats, but I could be wrong.

I'm off to listen to the song again, and then I'll probably watch his video of 'Turn the Page'.


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