Imagine your dad's delight when you hand him a gift that's wrapped in packaging with your face plastered all over it.  Who needs a bunch of Santas or Reindeer, when it can be your face all over the paper, on a dancing elf!  This is the ultimate Christmas selfie.

The website called Gift Wrap My Face makes it easy.  Just upload a photo, trace out your head, and pick the pattern to put your face on, ranging from snowflakes to trees to elves and more.  Then wrap up that pocket knife set you bought for your dad, and he'll be so impressed with the paper it will take the focus off of the so-so gift.

The selfie gift wrap ain't cheap though, compared to the standard rolls of wrapping paper that you find in the big box stores.  Half rolls sell on the website for $7.99, and a full roll of gift wrap is $14.99.  At that price, you might want to use it sparingly. Maybe the manicurist and the dentist don't need a beautifully wrapped box with our faces all over it.  The Santa paper will work just find to fill in some of the gaps.

A cool idea to gift wrap your face?   You can put pictures of your kids or dogs on the wrapping paper too.  Christmas is fun!

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