You've been hearing all the reports of how Obamacare is to blame for cancelled insurance policies, higher premiums, and an overloaded, non-working website.  Now, you can add traffic tie-ups and accidents to the fault of the Affordable Care Act. 

Well...kind of.

According to a report in the News Observer, a strange thing happened this past Wednesday with the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Just like the Department of Transportation offices in many other cities and states, the North Carolina DoT has a computer system that sends out emails and tweets with important traffic updates. Earlier this week, one of those messages indicated that there had been an accident on a Raleigh, North Carolina Freeway and it listed the cause of the accident and the ensuing road closure as    "women drivers, rain and Obamacare."

At first, those receiving the message thought that someone had hacked into the NC DoT computer system, but that was not the case. The mishap was the result of a botched test. The system was being worked on and the messages were only supposed to be seen internally as a joke. But, before the external feed was put into place, the contractor in charge did not delete the fake message and the alerts were sent to the public by mistake.