Sometimes cats become residents in Mom and Pop stores, vet clinics, and apparently libraries.  But one Texas town has evicted the resident cat from the library, and now it's got some people petitioning and calling voters to weigh in.  It's not Nacogdoches or Diboll, although we know you guys love your cats.  The cat controversy is happening a little further north and west.

City leaders in White Settlement (near Fort Worth) voted earlier this month to give the White Settlement Public Library 30 days to find a new home for Browser, the feline that has resided at the facility for about six years.  Some of Bowser's biggest supporters are floating a petition around to call for a city vote about whether or not the cat should be allowed to live at the library, and hundreds have signed so far.  The mayor is on the residents' side for the most part, saying the city council members are mostly dog lovers, according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

It looks like it will all go down around July 12th at the next city council meeting, and they'll make a permanent decision about Bowser's fate.

Cat lovers want Bowser to stay, those with cat allergies want Bowser to go, and the rest of us probably don't care all that much if there's a cat in the library or not.  But the internet loves a good cat story, and this is the weekly contribution from Texas.

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