It's been abnormally dry over the past two months across the Lone Star State, however, the fact that we had a wet Spring statewide meant great vegetation for deer and this deer season hunters should be reaping the benefits. 

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has issued their 'Deer Hunting Forecast' for the 2016 season and things are looking promising across the state.  Reports coming in from the first few weeks of bow season have been good, and those getting ready for youth and the general season should expect promising results.

According to a report from Game and Fishing Mag, it's estimated that over a quarter million whitetail deer populate the Pineywoods portion of Texas.  Still, it's the Hill Country that will once again boast the most deer and hunters this season.  Up to 4 million whitetail are believed to inhabit our state and some 2 million of those can be found in the Hill Country.

The TPWD once again stresses hunter safety.  Even if you're a seasoned hunter, you should consult with a game warden or the TPWD website to make sure you are in accordance with safety guidelines and rules.  There have been a few changes to the 2016-2017 deer season that are covered in the link below.

Happy hunting and stay safe.



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