Here's a story we highlighted on our tabloid news segment of Merrell in the Morning ... and it's a weird one.

This story goes in the daily "What the ..." category. This guy goes by "Wrinkles," and he's a clown for hire in Southwest Florida.

What exactly would you hire this 65 year old man in a disturbing clown costume for anyway? Apparently, folks in Florida have been paying him to frighten their misbehaving children or to startle their friends.

Wrinkles is getting up their in age, and just wants to have a bit of fun before he expires. Making a few bucks on the side doesn't hurt either, and people are paying him pretty well to do even party jobs like having him dance at weddings or shindigs.

NBC2 News via YouTube

What do you think? Would you hire Wrinkles here, and what exactly would you have him do? Do you think having him scare young kids could have long-lasting affects on their emotional states, because I sure do!

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