We finally have our answer.

For the past several weeks, East Texans have been treated to a pine tree version of Elf on a Shelf.  However, instead of wondering where the smiling elf will turn up in the morning, we've been keeping our eyes to the treetops wondering if we'll see a new flag perched atop a tall, magnificent pine.

These flags that have been placed high above the tree line have been American flags, Trump flags, or flags supporting police.  Some have given the mystery tree climber the name of 'flag ninja'.

Well, a recent Facebook post by Dena Strban, owner of Photography by Dena, provided some huge insight into this 'flag ninja'.  In fact, she caught this political climber in action, from limo arrival, to harness assembly, to tree climbing, to flag placement, to obligatory presidential wave.

The mystery flag raiser would like to keep his true identity a secret, but, thanks to Dena, I was able to have a few questions answered by the 'flag ninja'.

Q: To date, how many flags have you place at the top of trees?

A:  A total of 31 flags have been raised so far.

Q:  Do you plan on putting more flags up?

A: Yes, but not many more. I know I'll have to remove them as they age so I have to put some kind of limit on it.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Chicken fried chicken and fried okra or my wife’s dorito casserole.

Q: What's your favorite country song?

A: Josh Abbott songs such as She’s like Texas or Hell’s Gates on Fire.

I avoided political or policy questions because I was a little intimidated by the 'secret service' guy and I didn't want to cross the line.

It's obvious by the flags and the ninja's outfit and mask who he's supporting in the upcoming election.  I want to make it clear that this article in no way is meant to endorse any of the candidates for the presidency.  It is my hope that you go to the polls and vote.  Whether your choice is Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or some other selection, it's important that you make your voice heard.

I decided to post this story because it's one of the most talked about topics in all of East Texas over the past few weeks.  And, honestly, anyone who dresses in a presidential mask and suit, straps on a harness, and climbs to the top of a 100 foot tree deserves a story.

Tree Ninja Revealed


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